Triobo supports the Google Tag Manager system that enables user-managed integration of any tracking and advertising codes of the publisher inside his reader applications (or inside his websites). If the publisher’s Triobo tariff includes the option to use this service, all the publisher needs to do is to send the GTM identifier through e-mail to us and we will ensure its deployment.

How to properly configure the Google Tag Manager on the publisher’s side

Here we describe the most frequent case, situation, when the publisher wants to deploy the tracking code of analytic service Google Analytics to the Google Tag Manager. The configuration on your side (publisher’s side) is not a condition for implementing Google Tag Manager into Triobo. That means that the configuration can be done additionally and independently of us.

  • In the Google Tag Manager create a Tag with the “Google Analytics” type and enter the TrackingID (= Google Analytics code, starts with UA-number). You can get TrackingID in Google Analytics, if you do not have it yet.
  • Turn on the trigger for page transition (probably will be generated automatically).
  • You must add trigger History Change (explanation: within the reader application we are altering the status through Javascript, not changing the whole page).
  • Turn on variable New History Fragment.
  • … and turn this trigger for Google Analytics tag.