If you want to upload an older issue (archive issues) into Triobo and sell it directly in the mobile application, you have basically these options:

a) for every archive issue you can send a product ID for Apple approval. This is however a lengthy operation, especially when you have more older issues of a magazine.


b) Triobo offers a special mode suitable for direct sale (for example of just one issue) of archive issues – so called easy sell. You define price of one (archive) issue and we will let Apple/Google approve a special mode necessary for easy sell. You will then be able to turn on the easy sell mode for any archive magazine issue in the Triobo, no more Apple approval process for magazine issue is required. When the reader decides he wants to buy such issue, a message will pop up, that he must first log in in the application. Afterwards, the sale comes through.


Note: the above mentioned applies only to sales within the scope of the mobile application. In your web based e-shop the reader can purchase any issue directly, without the need to care about approval of product IDs or the use of easy sell. The only thing that is necessary is to have the price of the issues for web purchases and the product ID (even if not approved by Apple) filled in by the respective issue. Such issue will then be marked as locked without the option to purchase inside the mobile application. However: if the reader buys said issue on webpage and then logs in through the mobile application using his user name and password he can read this archive issue even in the mobile application.