There is always available a current list of news and modifications against previous versions of Triobo.

Basic information

Software requirements for Triobo editor

Editor start

Articles division to issues and publications

Password change

Publication preparation

Publication creating and editing

Issue settings

Purchases – unit purchases and subscriptions

Scripts and fonts

Article creation and settings

Content editing

Article editing, basics

Article layout (tablet vs. phone)

Work with objects

Text box


Video object

HTML object

Audio object

Using resources from other articles

Objects and resources inspection

Online objects

Images sequence

Article properties

Objects groups

Working with multiple objects – alignment and layout

Locking objects and articles

Variable objects

On tap action


Frames and guidelines

Text editing

Paragraph styles and formats

Text blocks

Non breakable spaces

Words hyphenation

Special tags

Inserting text from external source

Floating images

Colors and their settings


Issue publishing

Viewing the issue in publishing reader

Lock the digital edition, issue information

Push notification – messaging to readers

Information on published reader devices

Readers statistics

Tips and tricks for publishing

Templates, layout, typesetting

How to make a button with a link to the e-shop

Gallery of unpublished images

Embedded code HTML5 (IFRAME)

Large scrolling table

Variable object – images with captions

Control of variable objects

Inserting complex graphical compositions

Keyboard shortcuts