A Unique Triobo Push Notification Assistant (Triobo PNA) is a powerful marketing tool for publishers of tablet publications. Triobo PNA significantly broadens the basic range of services that are sending messages to readers (so called. Push notifications, more here) that are displayed on their tablets or smartphones.

Thanks to the Triobo Push Notification Assistant that publisher can conveniently communicate and reach out specific groups of readers. The publisher then may send a message to:

  • All of his readers
  • Readers, didn’t download the latest issue of tablet magazine
  • Readers, that have not ordered a subscription yet
  • Readers, that their subscription has expired and was not renewed
  • Readers, who’s subscription expires during N days
  • Readers, who have not opened any magazine of a publisher at least N days

The publisher can also send a different message to readers on Apple tablets/phones and different message to other Android users. If the publisher has active multiple language versions, then he can also specify reading groups by language.

Triobo push notifications - advanced assistant

Using the function for notification testing, the publisher can send a test message (note: the reader should not have currently opened your magazine and also he must have enabled push notifications for your magazine – otherwise the message will not be delivered).

The publisher keeps always track about the number of readers whom the message will be sent – in any parameter settings for sending of push notifications, the dialog box at the bottom will recalculate the number of target devices (tablets and phones).

In addition the publisher can schedule sending of push notifications to a specific date and time. In such case, the message is queued for dispatch and will be sent out at specified time.

Triobo Push Notification Assistant is accessible to publishers with the Triobo Professional tariff or higher.