The publishers of tablet magazines and publishing portals usually depend only on the distribution of their subscription titles through the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Store. Until now, the ordinary publisher did not have the option to sell subscriptions of tablet magazine through his website and certainly could not sell subscription packages of printed and tablet magazines in one bundle. This solution is now available to all Triobo publishers – the option of connecting the tablet magazine reader to external payment gateway of a publisher (using Triobo API).

With the use of Triobo API…

  • you can sell any specific issue of your tablet magazine (issue sales) through your website or any tablet subscription, typically semi-annual or annual.
  • on your website you can also sell bundles of tablet content with any other product – for example the package of printed and digital subscription
  • in case of digital content, sales through your web substantially increase your profit, by saving (about 30%) on commission fees, that you otherwise pay for direct sales through App Store / Google Play / Amazon Store.
  • sales money from website go from your customers directly to your account, without any intermediaries

It should be noted that even in case of connection to the external payment gateway you must maintain the option of selling your digital content directly from your reader, and also you must not sell the digital subscription or single issues from your website cheaper than directly from the reader. Simply said, you should not disadvantage the sales through the App Store / Google Play / Amazon Store against sales through your web site.

Reportér magazine example

Connecting conditions

You will get a simple description of technical interface from us to be specified to your developers. It does not matter what kind of web you may have for subscription sales (or e-shop), it does not matter what technology you are using on your website. You only need a qualified developer who is able to connect our Triobo API interface with your software. If you have any payment gateway for online payments, you may sell your digital subscriptions completely on-line through your web (and the money go directly from your client to your bank account).

Similarly you may sell tablet digital publications completely off line – perhaps so in such case the customer calls your call center, subsequently the invoice will be sent to him after the payment “somewhere” inside of your software was made, which could be very simple, marking that the user has already paid for it and is eligible eg. for annual digital subscription of tablet magazine Happy Reader. Your developer only sends this information to our digital publication distribution system using a secure mode of Triobo API.

The external payment gateway (Triobo API) connectivity is available to customers who use the Triobo Professional tariff within its premium services. If you are interested in using Triobo API please contact us.

The scenario when reader had purchased magazine subscription through the publisher’s web site

The customer must disclose his e-mail address that will be used for logging into the tablet reader. At the same time his password will be generated (for digital subscriptions) or the customer will enter it through the web site for subscription sales (in ideal scenario), or he will register directly in the reader.

The customer will download your tablet magazine reader, which is usually free – you are selling the reader content, not the reader itself. By clicking on the people icon, the customer logs into the Reader’s zone. Using his email address, that he received when the payment was made, and he uses his password. From this point he has access to all purchased issues he had paid for.