When copying articles you have to keep in mind two factors: 1) the articles can use sources from the same issue, 2) the color palette and style settings are shared for the entire issue. It is therefore a big difference when you copy article within the same publication, or whether you copy it to another issue.

Copy to the same issue

In the case of copying article to the same publication it is not necessary to deal with color palette or styles. However, you may select one of four modes of dealing with article sources. In any case, own sources will be duplicated to the final article folder and depending on selected mode, the following options may occur:

1) Copy all own, link others – all own sources will be linked to the newly created copy in the final article. The linked sources will continue to be linked to it’s original sources.

2) Copy all – regardless of whether the source lies inside of the copied article folder or not, all used sources will be copied to the final article folder. Therefore all sources will be own in the final article.

3) Link all – all sources of the final article will be linked to the original location in the same way as in the source article.

Example: The article “My Article” contains “Image1.png” in its image folder, furthermore it also uses an image “OtherImage.png” from the article “Other Article”. Then following happens:

In mode 1: the final article will contain new copy of “Image1.png” and this copy will be used. You can safely delete original “My Article”, because final article is independent on it. “OtherImage.png” will stay without change, just linked from “Other Article”.

In mode 2: in this case, the copy of “OtherImage.png” will be created in the final article and will be used. The final article is therefore independent of the original article, but also of other articles. All used sources now have copies in final article.

In mode 3: Although the “Image1.png” will be copied to the final article, the frame will be linked to the original location. New article depends on original “My Article” (and also on “Other Article”)

Copy to another issue

If you are copying to another publication, the sources are handled in following way:

  • own sources will have copies in the target article, and they will be used
  • Triobo will attempt to find sources linked from another article also in the target issue (we are looking for the article with the same name) – it will be used when found. If not found, a copy of the source will be created in the target article

When copying, you also have the option to set which colors from the issue palette and which styles will be copied::

1) No – colors (styles) from the source issue will not be translated to the target issue. Remember that missing color in the palette has no effect on the real colors of the object, missing style however causes that text could change its formatting

2) Missing only – colors (styles) from the source issue that are missing in the target issue will be created. The others will remain in the target issue unchanged. Texts in the target issue can be reformatted (if the style definition in the source and target issue are different)

3) All (overwrite) – missing colors (styles) will be created and additional colors (styles) that have the same name in the target issue, adopt the settings from source issue. This can lead to reformating of text in other articles in the target issue.