Should you decide to buy a price package Triobo Professional, we will do all substantial things for you. Nevertheless, we still need some information and graphic materials from you. Here is a list of some of them. In following examples we will assume that your publishing company is called OurCompany and operates in the Czech Republic, owns the domain and will publish a magazine called MyMagazine.

Internal setting of application

The following information is generally hidden to readers, but we still need to enter it and therefore it is good to think of them ahead of time because they cannot be changed afterwards:

  • App ID – internal name of application, only English characters, no spaces, typically “mymagazine”
  • Bundle ID – globally unique application identifier, Apple recommends reverse entry, as in the domain case, i.e. typically “cz.ourcompany.mymagazine”
  • Product ID – if you want to sell the magazine by individual issues, by subscription, or even by individual articles, each such product has to have its own ID. It must start similarly as Bundle ID. If in 2013 for example you will be issuing publications from 1 to 12, then we suggest to use the following product ID: “cz.ourcompany.mymagazine.1301”, “cz.ourcompany.mymagazine.1302”, “cz.ourcompany.mymagazine.1303” etc. to “cz.ourcompany.mymagazine.1312”. For subscriptions always (!) use “cz.ourcompany.mymagazine.subscr.length”, where the subscription length is the month, quarter, half, year
  • SKU – apparently the completely unnecessary item, that is mandatory, is at least two-character identifier. You can use it later if you want to pair something with your accounting, otherwise we recommend numbering the applications as 11, 12, 13, 14 …

Application settings

The following information will affect the behavior of this application:

  • applications for iPad or universal – let us know if you want your application for iPad only, or whether it is intended for iPhone as well. Do not forget to supply the appropriate graphics (see below)
  • rotation lock – we can ban the rotation on iPad or iPhone, independently from each other. Typical are the following options:
    • permitted rotation on iPad and iPhone – common setting if your application is “portrait oriented”, it will be possible to also read landscape text on iPad and iPhone, the content stretches to the entire width of the screen.
    • restricted rotation on iPad, but permitted on iPhone – you may, for example, force portrait reading on iPad, but on iPhone rotation is allowed. This is convenient on iPhone because at landscape rotation the text size that was originally intended for iPad stays sufficiently legible. By iPad locking you namely force the reader to read magazine as originally intended, however in automatic galleries it will not be possible to display rotated images in formats that fill display optimally.
    • restricted rotation both on iPad and iPhone – we do not recommend this, however it is possible. On iPhone it is possible to restrict only the portrait orientation (it is not possible to force the complete publication only to “Landscape” – we are preparing this feature in succeeding versions)
  • Newsstand placement (Newsstand) – Newsstand for iPad / iPhone is nothing more than a special folder for applications, however this information is necessary to know in advance when setting up the reader. Advantages and disadvantages:
    • placed within the Newsstand – magazine is not presented by an icon, but the actual envelope. The publication must be subscription based (if this is a free magazine, it can be a free subscription). The application name will not be displayed anywhere (see the next point). The Newsstand will contain only publications (= periodically issued publications).
    • placed outside of Newsstand – magazine will be presented by its icon, at first glance it looks like any other application. The advantage is that the reader can rearrange it wherever he needs. The purchases within the application are not limited in any way, they may or may not – be subscription based.
    • note.: separate publications Triobo Single cannot be added to the Newsstand
  • application name on display – how the application will be named on device display. Note that when the text is longer than about 12 characters, it may be inadvertently shortened. In our case, we recommend “My Journal”, but definitely do not recommended “My Exclusive Magazine”, which will be shortened to “My Exluz ine…”

Application settings in AppStore

AppStore currently does not support the Czech language. Therefore it is necessary to use English as the default language. You can write captions in Czech, however we recommend to use English texts when you first submit them to the AppStore, which will be followed by words “CZECH” and it will continue with Czech texts. The point is that the person in Apple has an idea of what it is. Most captions can be changed later and English be removed. Alternatively, you may swap the Czech and English text so that the Czech is more visible.

  • application name in AppStore – may be longer than the application name on display such as “My Magazine – tablet edition.” This information cannot be changed after the approval of application, but you may change it with the next version and sent to the AppStore (therefore it will always be subjected to Apple approval)

  • copyright – information that the application displays, such as “Our company, a.s.”

  • description – text that will be shown in the application. Firstly we recommend at least one sentence description in English, which may be followed by the Czech version. Description can be always changed later, so you can delete it after the approval of English version.

  • key words – words by which readers can easily find your application. This is limited to 150 characters, so we recommend that the magazine about tourism and trips to Europe, uses for example the description “magazine hiking tours Europe”

  • internet link, support – ideally to refer to magazine website, e.g. “”

  • privacy Policy document link – the item is mandatory if your magazine is present at the Newsstand. Somewhere on your website create a statement containing provision of personal data use in Czech and English (example here:

  • age restrictions – this is the information on whether the application contains information about violence, alcohol, drugs, light erotica, vulgarity, etc. – if your magazine may contain any such facts, we strongly recommend to disclose it before the approval and identify the application as a 17+

  • screens – we can prepare screens for you, just let us know which pages should we use, or send us your samples. For iPad they must be sized 768×1024 or 1024×768 for iPhone 640×960 or 960×640 for iPhone5 640×1136 or 1136×640. Screen samples in AppStore, can be changed only until the final application is approved by Apple, screen samples in Google Play can be changed any time.


In the following list, we always state requested name and in brackets behind it the size in pixels. Do not think of data as dpi, we need you to have the real image dimensions in your graphic editor exactly as we state. Use exclusively the PNG format.

  • Main icon – has dimensions of 1024 x 1024 and we may derive all other required sizes from it. When designing make sure that the icon would be recognizable even at the resolution of 57 x 57 (iPhone). iPad readers will see the icon at the size of 72 x 72. Name the file as follows:
    • mymagazine-icon.png (1024 x 1024)
  • startup screen for iPad – is that what appears when the application starts. Regardless of the fact that the application has or has not locked its rotation, we need both formats. Pay attention to the correct size and use the following names:
    • mymagazine-landscape.png (2048 x 1536)
    • mymagazine-portrait.png (1536 x 2048)
  • startup screen for iPhone – we need this only if your application will be also used on iPhone. Urgently both formats (one for the older iPhone, the other for the iPhone5):
    • mymagazine-iphone.png (640 x 960)
    • mymagazine-iphone5.png (640 x 1136)
  • startup cover – is needed only if your magazine is to be present at the Newsstand. This must be a picture that evokes the appearance of magazine cover while this is not a real cover. The easiest way to do this is to take a real cover and delete all texts from it except the logo and replace the main motive with something else. Size may be either 1024 x 768 or 768 x 1024, according to the format size of your publication:
    • mymagazine-cover.png (1024 x 768 or 768 x 1024)
  • screenshot examples of your app – if you want to select which screenshots will appear in your application, send us either numbers of pages you want to use (and we will implement them to your reader), or PNG images of selected pages. You may use at most 5 screenshots so supply them in three following resolutions:
    • IPad and Android devices: 768 x 1024 or 1024 x 768 (depending on the orientation of your publication)
    • For iPhone4: 640 x 960 or 960 x 640
    • For iPhone5 and higher: 640 x 1136 or 1136 x 640 (if you do not provide us with application samples, we will choose 3 screens ourselves – you can easily change them later. In case of Apple it is necessary to do this before the application is approved)


So what to send then? In addition to the files listed in the previous section you may also fill in the following table and send it to us:

Item Value
App ID
Bundle ID
Applications for the iPhone Yes No
Lock rotation iPad No Portrait only Landscape only
Lock rotation iPhone No Portrait only
Newsstand placement Yes No
Application name on display (12 characters)
Application name in AppStore
Key words
URL support
URL privacy policy
age restrictions No Yes, what age: