For all publishers who want to convert their paper publication without hard work to reader application on tablet, smartphone or to convert print publication and publish it just on the web, we can offer them the digital replica solution. In a separate article information about making replicas was published where we have highlighted all benefits of digital replicas on the Web.

Benefits of digital replica on the Web

In short – everything what was said in Triobo web export article is still valid, but in addition:

  • digital replica can’t be easily stolen from the Web – when reader tries to save a page with replica image, he saves only a little cutout square.
  • support of centerfolds (on tablet rotate to landscape) – depends on publisher’s settings
  • on desktops zoom works by pressing the F button on keyboards or zoom icon from the menu, or using two fingers on touchscreen devices.
  • browser loading works automatically by portions, in a mosaic way, as shown below. Thanks to this readers see the content faster.
  • each page of digital replica has its own unique address (you can share it in email or on social networks as a specific page).
  • Scrolling between pages on touchscreen devices is conveniently done by sliding your finger (swipe), arrows on the sides of each page light up when moving mouse, arrow keys can be also used on classical computers
  • thumbnail menu for easy flipping through pages (see next picture)

Triobo webview replica loading

webview menu