In digital publishing Triobo (tariff Professional) you can arrange individual publications and releases into logical arrangements (i.e. folders and groups).


The term “folder” is used in connection with Triobo Kiosk, when there are more magazines in one application (or on one web site) sorted into folders. Each magazine is independent, has its own subscription, magazine detail design, push notifications etc. Every folder corresponds to a specific publication in Triobo editor.


You can have any number of groups within given publication. A group is more releases of one publication (see publication in the meaning of Triobo editor) arranged together. You can typically set groups for individual years of magazine issues (and leave the current year outside of groups where it is directly visible), or in the case of specialized publishing portal for related entries such as “materials for sales representatives”, “catalogues” etc. The fact that every release can be in more groups is a tremendous advantage. Another advantage is optimization of the amount of downloaded data for the reader.

Group is viewed by Triobo editor as a specific type of tag.

Triobo Groups