Before preparing your articles, you need to load fonts (scripts) into your system. Triobo supports fonts in both the OpenType format (extension .otf) and TrueType (extension .ttf).

Go to publications display and click .

Displayed is a list of Installed fonts containing actual list of your fonts. New fonts may be added easily: Open new Explorer (Windows) or Finder (on OS X) window, navigate to the folder with fonts and select the fonts you want to install. By simple dragging the mouse cursor place fonts into Installed fonts window (window changes color). Then start recording of all fonts into Triobo editor – you may watch the upload process. Depending on your internet connection, speed and font size the whole operation may take several seconds to several minutes.

Window for fonts upload - Triobo

If you want to remove any font, click on the X on the right side next to the font name. A confirmation dialog appears and when you press the Delete button, then the font will be deleted from the editor.

Remember that fonts are same for the entire publication. If you delete a font that is used in any article of either publication, the font will be no longer available and will be replaced by default font (Helvetica, Times).

For technical reasons it is not possible to use file names that contain characters other than letters, digits and a hyphen and underscore. This restriction applies to all sources that you will upload to the Triobo editor (fonts, images, videos …) – system will notify you that the file contains invalid fonts.

Wrong naming of fonts