To start the Web export of your tablet publication (WebView), we need the following documents from you:

Your own domain

The web publication must run on its own website (own Internet domain). Usually it is the domain of second order (typically, but it may also be a third order domain (e.g. You may register this domain at your domain registrar. After this you need to redirect the domain to us – authorize your administrator to set up the so-called CNAME record of domain to value. And do not forget to send to information about what domain you have selected for your web export.


There is publication logo on the header menu of Web pages made in Triobo (see example below). Send us a monochromatic logo in PNG format (with transparency), 64 pixels high including the protection zone above and below the logo (i.e. including spacers), the width is not limited. Logo in the site header

FAVICON: icon of your webpage

You may also display your own webpage icon called Favicon. Triobo will put the icon to your web, you just need to send us the icon. There is plenty of freely available tools and recommendations on the Internet how to create the icon. Favicon example may be seen on the example below. Example favicon

Publisher info

Send us the required name of the publisher and Internet address – both will appear on the page summary of published issues. See the figure below. Publisher information on the site

Statistics: Google Analytics code

Web sites made by Triobo digital publishing are supporting statistics and detailed traffic analytics using Google Analytics. Send us your code (you can download it free of charge on the link) and we will take care about implementation to your site.

How to publish to the Web

Once you get the message from us that everything is ready on our side, just publish your content in Triobo editor. When a new tab (Webview) appears in the publishing dialog press the Publish button (or Update, depending on the situation). Publishing dialog Triobo