Thanks to Triobo digital publishing (Professional version) you can also monitor behavior of readers to the level of individual objects, respectively you can monitor so called events. For reporting purposes we are using Google Analytics (Mobile App Analytics) as independent reporting tool. Thanks Triobo can monitor and record…

  • click on any object that has assigned OnTap action (ie. typically text, image, or group) – info about OnTap action is sent out
  • change in state of variable object – sends info about event VariableObjectToState where value is the number of variable object state
  • video play – sends events measured by time AudioVideoPlayed, so you can evaluate how many seconds your readers were watching the video
  • audio playback (same as video)

Information on reporting of monitored events in Google Analytics is available in separate article.

Why to monitor events


  • you can tell advertiser how many readers were watching your video and for how long
  • find out how many readers clicked on a link within article or advertisement
  • see how many readers explored in detail interactive infographics, you may also see what specific information was attractive to reader and conversely what was ignored by readers

How to set recording of events

In order to set event monitoring in statistics, you must first correctly name the object that you want to monitor. The list of supported objects is listed above. Setting dialog of event recording

Make sure to correctly name objects – so you can later easily orient yourself in statistics. (e.g. AdCocaColaGoToWeb or AdMercedesVideo).

ATTENTION: when starting video play by clicking on a drawn button, which is selected for monitoring, and at the same time the video itself is selected for monitoring, than the system will sent out two events: click on a button (OnTap) and playing the video (AudioVideoPlayed). It is therefore appropriate to decide whether you want to monitor a button or the video itself.