Helping tools HTML object may insert the HTML of your choice, which will then be included to the page. Use the dialog to select the source, select file with HTML suffix containing a full page description, any elements that support WebKit kernel may be used. If your HTML refers to other files (using pictures, etc.) then it must be in its own HTML referenced to only by file name, i.e. if they were in the same folder as the HTML file. All such sources may be uploaded to Triobo editor in the same way as regular images or videos.

Example: your HTML is called my.html and uses an image my.png inside. In the code my.html for reference therefore use a simple image <img src="my.png"> or background-image: url (my.png) Upload both files by dragging them to your Triobo editor and use file my.html as HTML source.

The HTML content is not displayed in Triobo editor instead the area is marked with hatching. Remember that you can set the background, borders and transparency of this object. You may see the overall final look in the preview after pressing the Preview button.

Note: If you do not assign any source to embedded HTML, the default rotating Triobo cube will be used.

In your HTML code, you can use the following functions:

  • parent.goToArticleNumber(n) – proceeds to the n-th article. The first article has number 1
  • parent. goToArticleId(id) – proceeds to the article by its ID
  • parent. getFolderOfArticleNumber(n) – returns to folder, which is location of a source of n-th article
  • parent. getFolderOfArticle (id) – returns to the article ID folder

You may find the article ID for example when sources are displayed, this is a number after the “id-” text


<div class=“button“ onclick=“parent.goToArticleNumber(3)“>Content</div>

proceeds after clicking on the third article (regardless of which it is, it will be always just the third one)


Creates an Image object and as a source assigns an image named “pic.jpg” which is located at the article with ID=123 i.e. is displayed as the id-123/pic.jpg in editors selection of images