When working with sources that are located in another article, it readily occurs that you will lose the idea where the image is actually located. Often it happens that the article is for example deleted in belief that it is not needed for working version, nevertheless the other article has used it as a source – and it is lost. When opening article (and also at every saving) the inspection takes place. You will be notified about the following errors:

  • image source is missing (video, audio, HTML file) – solution to set the “no source” option will be offered or such object will be deleted.
  • image is larger than 1 megabyte – there is a risk that tablet performance will be affected (remember that there are really cheap and low-performing tablets). The image will be further compressed.
  • object is located at nonsense coordinates – especially objects imbeded in groups may find themselves completely out of the area and will never be visible. Editor notifies you and you can either move the object to a position 0,0, or delete it.