Triobo - čtečka časopisu 100+1 ZZSo called magazine reader is designed for digital publications of magazine type, which continuously releases new publications and the reader will find them all in one reader device. These options provide pricing programs Triobo Start and Triobo Professional. What are their advantages and disadvantages?


  • digital publications can be updated at any time (in matter of seconds), each digital edition does not have to pass through Apple approval process.
  • there is unlimited number of digital editions and publications in one reader (note: you always pay only for Triobo reader, not for specific digital title)
  • thanks to Triobo all created digital publications can be distributed free of charge, you can also sell individual issues or provide readers with subscription and enable the digital edition to be partially viewed before the purchase is made


  • ongoing monthly fees to be paid

After starting the magazine type reader device, an overview of all available publications is displayed to readers. For example you can see the magazine reader of digital magazine 100+1 zahraniční zajímavost.