Every tablet or smart phone magazine has thanks to Triobo and your graphic abilities its own unique design and method of operation. It is therefore appropriate to introduce to readers how to work with publication, including the meaning of used icons, etc. Prepare hints for readers that will be inserted for example on the front page of digital magazine.

Remember that working with digital publication on tablets, Apple iOS and Android tablet may be slightly different.

How it may finally look can be seen on the following examples. All shown images were created thanks to Triobo, tool for digital publishing.


The digital magazine 100+1 zahraniční zajímavost inserts hints under the editorial. 100+1 ZZ, generated by Triobo

Dotyk weekly bets on detailed description of all operating elements. Dotyk, generated by Triobo

Digital publication Quanties comes down to it by a completely different way. Quanties, generated by Triobo

Specialized digital magazine Architual was (not only) inspired with style of technical drawings when using hints. Architual, generated by Triobo