Marketing of digital publications is integral part of a successful publishing on tablets and smartphones. It is simply not enough to be in Appstore / Google Play and it is necessary to actively approach potential readers. Facebook campaigns represent a very interesting option, mainly because you can target only those users who actually use tablets or smart phones.

Thanks to Triobo you can optimize your Facebook and save financial resources in your marketing budget. Let us link the Reader of your magazine (or any digital publications) to Facebook and we will allow you to specifically target your Facebook advertising:

  • display the advertising only to user who is accessing Facebook from a mobile phone or tablet (= your target group) and who at the same time still has not installed the Reader of your digital magazine


  • display the advertising only to such user who has installed your digital magazine, but did not open it for some time in his tablet or phone

The key is that your ad is actually displayed only to those Facebook users who are attractive as potential consumers.

How to do it

It is necessary to use the Triobo Professional price tariff. Then you can simply register your digital magazine on the Facebook and send us your assigned Facebook App ID. We will then prepare your digital publication Reader app for you with this identifier and send it for approval to the Appstore/Google Play. Then you can optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns and target the right audience.