Before you publish your digital publication (for digital magazines) or send it to the approval process (for Triobo Single), do not forget to verify the correctness and performance of interactive elements on a real tablet. Publishing reader Triobo Reader serves this purpose and is available at both Apple iOS and Android. Instructions how to use Triobo Reader, are available here.

If you publish on Apple and Android, we strongly recommend to double check your work on both types of devices. Do not count on the fact that tablets with Android will always behave identically as Apple. Risky are tablets with Android version 4.0, whose operating system has unfortunately a number of imperfections. These errors have been fixed on newer versions of Android indeed (4.1 and above), nevertheless a number of tablet manufacturers still sell the old versions.

If you encounter setbacks with specific interactive element on Android 4.0, it is necessary to update the operating system – or design your interactive element in other way. The problem lies in tablet operating system and not in Triobo solution.

Encourage your readers to select only those tablets, for which the manufacturer guarantees Android updates and bug fixes, version 4.1 is already perfect for such use.