In publishing software Triobo you can not only create digital magazines and single publications, but also compact packages of independent publications with related content – all within a single application. Such an application is called publishing portal.

Triobo Kiosk is more suitable if you want to have a package of digital magazines in one application. More information about the differences between publishing portal and Triobo Kiosk.

A typical example may be a set of independent tour guides offered in the App Store / Google Play under one icon, for example The Official Prague Portal (individual publication on Prague is free of charge) or The Prague Picture Guide (set of charged tourist guides). Other examples may be sets of company information materials (catalogs and documents for customers) or even digital portfolios of creative agency.

enter image description here The shared framework of a single application is very important from marketing point of view – even if you have separate series of tourist guidebooks, you do not advertise them all individually; just inform interested visitors of the existence of a single application, where they “find it all”. Instead of twenty separate references to twenty different applications you will use just one link.

Publishing portal may include:

  • Any combination of charged and free publications
  • Reader’s Zone – You can distribute coupons that substitute the payment in App Store / Google Play – at cash registers of tourist attractions (Triobo Professional tariff) for example
  • Language versions – the entire publishing portal may have multilingual content, among which readers can switch. Typically, a tourist guide in English, German, Spanish … and yet everything under one application.
  • Publishing portal can be also connected to the external payment gateway – and perhaps allowing you to sell charged tablet publications through your e-shop outside of App Store / Google Play (Triobo Professional tariff)
  • PDF (static) documents
  • Etc.

An important feature of publishing portal is the choice to instantly update on-line content or add additional publications.

Publishing portal is accessible in tariffs Triobo Start and Professional.

There are no special settings required, in fact this is the same model as in case of tablet magazines. The difference is only in slightly shifted meaning of terms: publishing portal is understood in Triobo Editor as a “publication” while individual publications in a publishing portal (eg. individual tourist guides) are then processed in the editor as “issues”.