Reader’s zone is an advanced function of Triobo digital publishing tool that is primarily used for marketing support of paid digital magazines.

Thanks to Reader‘s Zone you may offer coupons to your readers which will replace payments that are made through the Appstore/Google so the reader can recieve free magazines. This is ideal in situations where you want to give a gift to your already subscribed readers of printed magazines by offering them a free digital magazine for limited time.

It is recommended that you inform your readers about how they can use your gift. Instructions for using coupons and Reader’s Zone might look like this:

How to redeem a digital magazine coupon

To get a specific issue of a free digital magazine (or subscription), you need to be registered to Reader‘s Zone. Registration is required for your future identification which allows you to restore your purchases when needed.

Operating procedures for Apple iOS:

  1. In your magazine reader, in issue overview, select the “Reader’s Zone” at the top left (for Android: “Login” at the top right), press the last button “Register”and fill in your e-mail. The e-mail must be valid, because we will use it for sending you an activation message. If the publisher allows you to log in without e-mail verification, you may immediately log in and insert your coupon. In any case, activate your e-mail and pick the password so you can log in again in the future.
  2. An activation message will be delivered to your mail box with a link – click on it (or copy it to your web browser and press Enter). Choose your password and fill it in. Your account is active.
  3. Now you can log in to your reader with e-mail and password, by clicking the “Subscribe” in menu of the “Reader’s Zone”.
  4. After logging in, select the “Insert coupon” option. Just type in the coupon text that you have received from us, and press Send
  5. Your magazine reader will recognize the specific issue XX/2014 as paid, you can always come back later and read this magazine
  6. Now you can download free issue of required digital magazine