If you are setting up a third level domain (for example something.domain.com), then it is simple: for this subdomain set CNAME entry with the value webview.tribo.com – that means, while setting up the “domain.com”, you will create an entry “something” and set CNAME for it. This approach applies also to the subdomain www (that is www.domain.com).

In case, that the domain without subdomain should also be redirected (for example http://domain.com, that is without www. or any other thing at the beginning), the CNAME cannot be created. In that event it is necessary to create an empty entry (“no subdomain”) and set A record on the IP address of our server, that is

If you want to redirect all subdomains (for example at the same time www.domain.com, something.domain.com, magazine.domain.com), you can create A record * (asterisk) and also set it to our IP address.


  1. you have a domain and all variants of internet addresses should be redirected to the web platform Triobo, you will create two DNS entries of type A:

    nothing => A =          * => A =

  2. you have a domain and you want to redirect only the traffic without subdomain and traffic from www to the web platform Triobo:

    nothing => A =
    www => CNAME = webview.triobo.com

  3. you have a domain that already has something running on it, and you only want to redirect for example portal.something.com

    portal => CNAME = webview.triobo.com