Publication editor Triobo is exclusively internet based application and its operation can manage just any computer with an internet acces and Safari or Chrome web browser. Such browsers can be found in following operating systems:

  • Windows (Vista or latest): use the latest version of Chrome from Google
  • Mac OS X (Snow Leopard or latest): use the default Safari browser, or install Chrome from Google
  • Linux: use the Linux version of Chrome. Note.: available with Linux distributions, for which there is a Chrome in installation package. Generally it is possible to use any web browser that is built on WebKit core, however we do not recommend using derived WebKit browsers (eg Konqueror).

You can download Chrome from address – enter this address into any browser that is installed on your computer.

Triobo publishing editor is not designed for internet browsers as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera and others – the reason is that the WebKit rendering kernel is required, and the same one is used on tablets from Apple iPad and Google Android. Should the preparation of publication be made in browser that is built on different kernel, the significant differences could arise in appearance between the editor and preview on your computer and tablet.

Warning! Do not use any page increase or decrease using the magnifying function of your browser. The required setting is 100% of the page size.

Triobo publication editor