If you have Triobo Professional tariff and provide your tracking code before publishing your Reader in public, you can monitor user behavior in your reader with Google Analytics (Mobile App Analytics) tools. What exactly this individual data mean can be found on Google Analytics website. In this article you will find information about what impact individual reader events have on statistics.

Triobo Reader sends off three different types of information:

  • Screens = individual articles
  • Events = issue operations, click on button inside of article or switch of variable object
  • App speed = events in connection with audio and video playback (speed in this case means the time when video or audio was played back).

Below you may find detailed information on individual data that Reader sends to Google Analytics.

TIP: in a separate article you can follow instructions how to set up monitoring events in Triobo Editor

Information about events related to different issues

Information on downloads, purchases, reading or deleted issues can be found in Google Analytics in section Behavior/Events as event category of “Issue”. Click on the category name “Issue” and a list of actions appears that displays either the Download (user started the issue download), Buy (user purchased and started the issue download), Read (user clicked the Read button) or Delete (user deleted the issue). When you click on any type of event a list of actions appears and event label informs you what kind of publication and issue is it related to.

Information about the readership of various articles

When user is reading article, the Reader sends out information about this fact to Google Analytics. You can find it in the section Behavior/Screens. Each article is recorded here with following information: publications name, issue name and article title.

Information about “On Tap” action

Should you set any button in Triobo Editor to send out information about events, then you will find it in Google Analytics in part Behavior/Events as event of “User Action” category. In list of these events, you can select as secondary dimension the Interaction/Input screen for easier distinguishing, in which article the event had occurred. Event Label then corresponds to object name as you have named it in Triobo Editor.

Information about the length of video and audio playback

For information about the video and audio playback see Behavior/App speed. To distinguish, in what article the playback had occurred, you can select as secondary dimension the Interaction/Input screen. The item “Avg. user timing” tells you how many seconds on average users had played the video (audio), item “Pattern user timing” tells you how many users were monitored.

Note: Triobo Ltd. provides no additional information regarding statistics of Google Analytics – with questions of what individual data mean and what Google Analytics displays, please contact Google technical services, respectively. their help.