The best way to succeed in digital publishing is represented by customized layout that fits screens of most Tablets and smart phones. But in some cases the the publisher does not have enough time or capacity for preparation.

Or there is a need to quickly publish hundred-page catalog full of technical tables and plain figures, that is available in PDF format and is interesting only for selected group of readers. In this case, you can use the PDF support of Triobo digital publishing.

Publisher may work with following types of publishing:

  • Triobo publication: created in Triobo visual editor (customized tablet/phone layout, interactive elements etc.)
  • PDF publication: PDF format document made in external program, imported to Triobo reader – the middle part on picture below
  • Combined publication: the combination of Triobo based document with PDF – the right side on picture below

Example of Triobo publication, PDF publication and Combined publication

Advantages of individual solutions

Triobo publication

PLUS: full interactivity, layout customized to tablets and phones (various screen sizes, displays etc.), very convenient to reader.
MINUS: work associated with magazine preparation (according to layout complexity)

PDF publication

PLUS: zero work with publication preparation. It is necessary to save optimized PDF, reduce images (not the original PDF but the optimized one)
MINUS: reading full of compromises

Combined publication Triobo + PDF

Consumers may normally download Triobo publication with full interactivity and comfortable reading. Publisher may also enclose a PDF document.

PLUS: the reader has a good quality digital content for convenient reading (Triobo publication). In addition, he may also download the attachment in form of PDF document.
MINUS: there are no negatives

A typical user of Combined publication is a publisher who already has print magazine and at the same time prepares for his readers interactive version customized to tablets (Triobo publication). The publisher encloses the PDF version of printed magazine as a PDF attachment – the same content, only in replica form of printed magazine (=uncomfortable reading on phones and tablets). Because readers thus have automatic access to PDF copy of printed version with their digital purchase, the publisher may count downloads of tablet magazine to audit of sold publications of the original magazine (International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations).

This is how the reader looks after combined publication is opened: Combined publication Triobo + PDF