Triobo Portal (see allows all authors to have a free promotion of their digital publications. Simply publish your content in Triobo.

One of the greatest benefits of Triobo Portal is a possibility to have free samples of your digital publications on the web including advertisement for downloading of tablet applications. This allows you to easily promote applications created in Triobo digital publishing on social networks by sending direct links to specific articles so readers can immediately start reading them without having to install any reader applications.

Triobo Portal in pictures – benefits

A free sample of each publication page
Just top part of each publication page is shown, supplemented by advertisement for app download to phones/smartphones/computer – buttons are intelligently displayed according to used platform. In addition, a button may be displayed to redirect readers to web page for subscription order – including, e.g. order of printed magazine when such product is offered by a publisher.
Sample of Triobo Portal advertising for application download

Advertisement for reader application download is displayed in the language in which a particular publication is created (below see the Finnish example in Suunnistaja publication).
Finnish advertisement example

Publishers may also ban the generation of sample displays when publishing particular issue. Sample is not generated in case when the full web export was ordered for particular publication, all portal visitors are immediately redirected to full article without any restrictions.

Free publisher profile
Each publisher gets his own page with “great looking URL” (e.g. where all available publications are displayed.
publisher sample page with digital titles
The publisher may set in Triobo Editor his own logo, company profile and Internet address.

Free publication profile
Each publication has its own web page with nice URL (e.g. with overview of all published issues. See the example of Dotyk (“The Touch”) magazine, the Best European Tablet Magazine 2014, powered by Triobo.
digital publication sample profile
Each publisher may set in Triobo Editor own publication logo, description and URL.

On publication page there are three buttons for application downloads and option for ordering (print, digital or combined) subscription.
download buttons

Publication detail
For each issue of digital publication there is a web page available containing detailed content. If the publisher wants to generate samples during publishing, then resulting individual articles are clickable. The same applies when the publisher has ordered a full web export.
Issue detail on Triobo Portal
Note that when publisher fills sections (categories) and keywords, in Triobo editor then they will also appear in Triobo Portal.