When typesetting digital publications you will sometimes face a problem how to put large objects into small area and maintaining readability at the same time. A typical example is panoramic photo, but it can be also longer text inside of a small frame, and so on.

One way how to deal with such situation in Triobo digital publishing is to use a scrolling object option. So let’s look at the example of sliding panorama, the process is simple and it takes only few clicks.

Place panoramic photo to preferred location on your page. As you see, part of the picture sticks out to the right, outside of the page. But that’s okay because we want to move the picture around.

For setting of scrolling properties we use so-called “group” option. Therefore by pressing editor button we lock photograph inside of one group. Blue dotted line around the picture indicates the use of this option.

Now, let’s make the group smaller and decrease it to the size of scrolling photo. In our example, we want panoramic photo to spread out from one edge to the other. Red dotted line indicates that part of the content is hidden.

Now we permit scrolling inside of a group. We can also choose whether we want the content to scroll horizontally (which is our case), vertically, or in both directions. And we’re done! For better ergonomics reasons we also add new icon that suggests moving option.

Save your work and preview it directly on your computer. The whole panorama is now custom made for all touch devices such as tablets and smartphones – and finally we advise you to use Triobo Reader to check your work on real tablet.

The same process can be used when we combine multiple objects, for example image combined with text. Remember, that scrolling is set just for the group and it does not matter if one or more objects are placed inside of this group.

Also note that Triobo works with text in its natural form – text is not exported as a picture, therefore it is still editable text. Thanks to Triobo visual editor we can instantly create and edit interactive publications and test everything on real tablet.