When you click the icon Properties issue in the list of issues, you will see the issue release information and options for working with the issue.

The distribution of server publishing is described in the article Edition publishing.

In the upper right corner next to the issue name is the Delete Issue key. Caution – This will delete the entire issue from the Triobo system, all articles and resources will be deleted then. If the issue has beeb published, it will be removed first from the distribution server.

This action cannot be undone therefore before deleting them there is one more safeguard: you must write in the DELETE to the button, otherwise the delete option will not happen at all.

Do you really want to delete?

Using the button you may display a detailed analysis of an issue: you will see how many sources each article has (images, videos, sounds). If the issue has been published, you will also see how big is the actual description of the page (HTML5).

The button can lock the entire issue. In locked issue all the articles (or their layout) are considered to be locked, i.e. in reality only objects may be copied from them. Article layout cannot be unlocked, you must first unlock the whole issue.