If you want to prevent accidental edition of any object, you may lock it. You can do this using Ctrl + L (or Cmd + L) shortcuts. Locked object:

  • cannot be moved or its properties set (by mouse, keyboard, entering data)
  • cannot be opened
  • can be duplicated (duplication is automatically unlocked)
  • can be copied into another article
  • cannot be deleted or moved into another article
  • can be grouped with other objects – the resulting group is unlocked (i.e. so you may change position of locked object when moving the entire group)

You can also lock/unlock the layout of the whole article – it can be made by icon/unlocked, which appears next to the article setting in a situation where no object is selected. In locked layout all objects are locked and:

  • objects cannot be duplicated
  • objects cannot be created
  • objects can be only copied to another article
  • objects cannot be grouped (ungrouped)
  • layout properties cannot be set (setting galleries, etc.)
  • when opening locked layout a dialog appears to let you check for errors, but errors cannot be repaired
  • cannot save (there is nothing to save)

If in any unlocked article there are some unsaved changes, the warning will appear when you attempt to lock it therefore you need to save all changes first. You can also lock the entire issue (see Issue properties)