Variable object may be an interesting element to the reader, because you may choose what information is visible by yourself.

  1. First, using tool Image draw the image frame and select its source.
  2. Draw the text frame using Text tool, write the image caption and format it properly.
  3. Once you are happy with the look, group image with text using Group button (or Ctrl + Shift + G)
  4. Only then click the button Group for setting of variable objects
  5. Now click the button for the situation duplication of variable objects. A new state “State 2” is immediately created and labeled.
  6. Double-click the variable object and then once again to open a group with objects.
  7. Highlight the image and select another source.
  8. Double-click the text label and change it. You can also choose a different location.
  9. Do not forget to see variable object setting