Video contained inside of the box may be inserted with Video, you can drag the page or click (see Loading objects). The main parameter is the video source. Video must be in a format that is compatible with the Apple iPad and Android, for conversion use software which specializes in iPad. We recommend a free Handbrake for example, which is available for both Windows and OS X. In this program, select the Apple iPad profile (such a video plays correctly also on Android devices).

Box containing the video has several settings:

  • Before – the image is displayed until the reader presses a button to play the video
  • After – the image is displayed after video playing
  • Icon Video object Triobo control 1 enables or disables the video display controls. If controls are not displayed, make sure to set up a custom button to start the video playback.
  • Icon Video object Triobo control 2 is used to turn on repeated video playback.
  • Icon Video object Triobo control 3 ensures that the video will begin playing automatically when article is opened by the reader

Hint: Place the video off the page, so it will not be visible, and on the page itself, create a separate object (such as a text that says “Play video”), for which the On tap action is set to play the video in full screen mode.