When publishing to tablets, smartphones, or ordinary computers, you do not have to deal with fonts – you are working with common fonts in standard TTF or OTF format. In case you want to have a web export (webview) of your tablet publication, there are some specifics arising from fragmentation of Internet browsers.

For internet browsers Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge (standard part of Windows 10), Mozilla Firefox or Opera you do not have to solve anything, all listed programs use the standard fonts without any exceptions.

Unfortunately, the situation with the Internet Explorer browser is different (see this page dedicated to fonts on the Internet). Internet Explorer has unfortunately only limited TTF and OTF support for websites. When your selected font is not displayed properly in the Internet Explorer, you need to have the duplicate format of TTF/OTF equivalent to Microsoft’s proprietary format – the EOT format. Or you may select a different TTF/OTF font, which does not have problem with Internet Explorer…

Do you still insist on the full support of Internet Explorer? Maybe you need a font in EOT format.

How to get the EOT font

One possibility is to use freely available online converters on the Internet. Unfortunately, it is necessary to experiment, each of them has certain limitations.

How to set up the EOT support in Triobo

When you need a specific TTF or OTF equivalent of EOT font, go to Triobo editor font dialog and upload the EOT equivalent to selected TTF/OTF fonts. * WARNING: alternative font in EOT format must be named identically to its “parent” font TTF or OTF. Names may differ only in its extension*

Once you have the EOT font named correctly and uploaded among the standard fonts, you need to republish the Web export (WebView) of your digital publication. If you named your EOT font correctly and the EOT font is valid, your Internet Explorer selects the correct variant of font by itself and everything will be fine. Make sure of that this is true in the preview mode (Preview) of Triobo Editor.